first out

I’m stuck here at home and got nothing to do so I might as well update my blog. This is a good time to wonder why the hell would everyone leave me home alone and have fun in Tagaygay. Damn, I really hate them.

Anyway, at least this is a good time alone for myself.

I’m reviewing for a state board examination. Our batch from our review school had a plan to eat out just before the end of our session. Anyway, we ate out in a restaurant in a mall. Everyone was talking about anything but the exam we took, which was hell.

the girls


These were the girls who were there.


batch 609

These were the guys in our batch that went.

I don’t have a picture of the boys since we took none. And too bad we missed all the others who were not there.

After the meal, everyone went their own ways. Some went back to the center to “review” more, some went home, and some, including me, enjoyed the day and spent more time with the others.

Anyway, one thing I have realized from this one is that, it trully is a “small world” after all.

And oh, I has a plan for our last day and hopefully everyone can chip-in to this one. *winks*

Good Luck to all those who will be taking the exam and for our future!

See you around!


simpleng banat

I was just chatting with a friend and we were trying to plan another EB with the co-moderators of http://www.dotastrategy.com. So we planned a quick YM conference and the other one was trying to ask for advice from me because he was feeling nauseous and actually vomitted.

If you have the will to read what transcribed in the last part of our conference, I was quite serious about helping the guy and the other one was just blurting out non-sense. Anyway, I was just LMAO’ing while chatting with them…

ketsu_krosan (11:39:03 PM): how to remove air in the stomach? could that help?
quasron (11:39:19 PM): fart?!
ketsu_krosan (11:39:23 PM): good morning sleep?
ketsu_krosan (11:39:30 PM): i dunno how to force fart
quasron (11:39:45 PM): it won’t be a good night sleep since it will be morning in a few mins
ketsu_krosan (11:39:49 PM): punches might work
ketsu_krosan (11:39:51 PM): oh lawd
quasron (11:39:58 PM): don’t force fart…
quasron (11:40:00 PM): hmm…
quasron (11:40:18 PM): what time did you last eat
quasron (11:40:19 PM): ?
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:29 PM): burp
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:31 PM): force burp
ketsu_krosan (11:40:43 PM): about 7
quasron (11:41:02 PM): hmm… it should be gone by now…
ketsu_krosan (11:41:12 PM): what?
quasron (11:41:13 PM): don’t you feel like pooping?
ketsu_krosan (11:41:32 PM): i did around 8
quasron (11:41:43 PM): wtf…
quasron (11:41:53 PM): now i don’t know what’s happening to you
ketsu_krosan (11:42:00 PM): wel shi-
quasron (11:42:01 PM): still feel nauseous?
ketsu_krosan (11:42:22 PM): it’s like there’s something in my stomach i want to get out
quasron (11:42:41 PM): i mean still feel almost vomiting?
batangmalaboangmata (11:42:44 PM): PREGGERS
quasron (11:42:52 PM): LOL rj
ketsu_krosan (11:42:59 PM): darn
ketsu_krosan (11:43:33 PM): i’m almost tapping out
ketsu_krosan (11:43:38 PM): should i go to sleep?
quasron (11:43:48 PM): if you can…
quasron (11:44:10 PM): try sleeping with pillows under you… just not flat on bed…
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:23 PM): lol
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:31 PM): so 
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:37 PM): what time sa sat?
quasron (11:44:44 PM): after lunch na
ketsu_krosan (11:44:46 PM): i sleep sideways
quasron (11:44:58 PM): won’t help marx
ketsu_krosan (11:45:07 PM): after lunch but tell drew not to eat lunch yet
ketsu_krosan (11:45:09 PM): awts
quasron (11:45:16 PM): lol
ketsu_krosan (11:45:34 PM): bye guys
quasron (11:45:41 PM): sleep inclined
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:44 PM): k, plan tomorrow
quasron (11:45:48 PM): kk
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:52 PM): tell us if it’s a girl

starstruck moment

Last March 21, 2009 I attended a friend’s wedding and 2 of their principal sponsors were celebrities so we did not waste the moment to have a picture with them. And with their status in politics and television, I do not need to mention their names just see the pictures we got.

Loren Legarda

Yes, we caught up on her when she was about to get in her car.

Edu Manzano


I even tried to joke around with him and asked: “Pwedeng pa-kiss?” He replied: “Hindi bagay sa image natin, macho tayo e, sayang ang gwapo mo pa naman.”


This aside, I really wish TJ and Grace congratulations and hope and I know they will have a happy moments together.

Grace and TJ Payumo


Finally after 9 months of my sister’s labor, here comes my nephew.

Born February 17, 2009 and at 7.1 lbs, here is baby boy, Miguel Antonio Aquino Miranda, a.k.a. Migo!


migo“What are you looking at?”

I just love this photo of him.

name game

Another survey from social networks…

Rules: it’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Ronie
2. A four Letter Word: rile
3. A boy’s Name: Roland
4. A girl’s Name: Raine
5. An occupation: radiologist
6. A color: rogue
7. Something you wear: ring
8. A food: raspberry
9. Something found in a bathroom: robe
10. A place: riverside
11. A reason for being late: rush hour traffic
12. Something you shout: run!
13. A movie title: Rambo
14. Something you drink: Red Bull
15. A musical group: R.E.M.
16. An animal: rabbit, rat, rhinoceros
17. A street name: Road 20 =P
18. A type of car: Rolls-Royce
19. A song title: Run
20. A verb: run

Too tired so you’ll just see a lot of words repeated and they just kept RUNNING through my mind. LOL!

25 random things

This is a topic that has been passed around and tags a lot of people from social networks. I didn’t want to write about this until someone tagged me, and did, and if I was not in a good mood today because of a coffee-tea. Anyway this is the “Rule”:

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to learn more about you.

So, here it goes for my 25 random things.


1. a bum… (but everyone knows about it)

2. can’t seem to be in the mood if can not get online for a day…

3. gets hesitant and doesn’t seem to start or finish anything…

4. pees a lot…

5. very quiet and quite shy…

6. likes going around, going somewhere without reasons. but don’t seem to know a lot of places yet. LOL!

7. a bit generous but most of the time stingy (kuripot)…

 8. because of bumness, tends to be nostalgic…

9. does not like saying or writing a lot of things, so expect short answers from me… LOL!

10. slow to pick up on things…

11. is quite patient…

12. quite sensitive… (bad jokes about me or other people can hurt me)

13. likes to talk about dirty, obnoxious things over meals, so watch out…

14. eats a lot! (given but still… can’t think of anything else to write)

15. bit gullible…

16. has an ear problem but not a major one, just being careful… (sorry no more details)

17. …so, have a balance problem…

18. …so, can NOT ride bicycles or anything with 1 or 2 wheels… LOL! (but still trying to learn)

19. misses swimming… like, err, loves to swim!

20. wants to have a gadget or something i would love to have and must not be a common one that everyone has…

21. still want to see or look for a friend from kindergarten but unfortunately i can not remember her name… LOL!

22. has the tendency to start something but can’t seem to finish them…

23. haven’t read any book from cover-to-cover except ‘The Secret Garden’…

24. has had a lot of friends and acquaintances but treasures a few… (drama! LOL!)

25. had my cellphone number for almost 8 years and does not have plans on changing it yet… unless some obnoxious gay guy keeps on bothering me…


Want to join the tag? Read the rules and write something about yourself! LOL!

long day

I am with a friend today and went out with her to renew our NBI clearance, PNA membership, and pass a resume.

We decided to go with our NBI clearance first and we met up in SM Megamall. We were surprised because their kiosk is at the lower ground floor and the line for the first step (paying)  ends at the 3rd level of the mall going down the stair. As frustrated as it can be, we were luck enough, there was a lady who is in line, just 20 people behind the counter, called us and made us cut through the line then she just left. So there we are, surprised and happy that we had our NBI clearance renewed in 15 minutes instead of waiting for 30-40 minutes.

Why and what happened to the lady who gave up her space for us to cut in? We really don’t know why and whatever her reasons are. I’m even surprised until now how it happened, we are just sad that we haven’t even thanked her.

After the renewal, we went to St. Lukes hospital to apply and pass our resume. We were there around lunch time. I asked the guard who is collecting all the resume what the requirements are in Filipino/Tagalog, then this is how it went…

Me: Manong resume lang po ba kailangan?

Guard: Just leave your resume with me and in due time the staffs in the HR will be calling you.

*brief silence*

Me:  Uhh, thanks sir!

Man, during the brief silence my friend and I were looking at each other a bit surprised. So we were in-and-out of that building.

We went to Manila to get our new membership at the PNA building. At least I was with someone who knows the building or else I will be lost in time and place again even though I’ve lived in Malate area for two years. LOL! Seemed like we were robbed because we have to pay a hundred more that the membership fee from last year. (perks of having a lot of requirements)

While we were in line for the payment of our membership, I got a text message from an HR in UK based in the Philippines. They said I was one of the ‘chosen one’ for hiring and work in UK. I am still to confirm and ask for more information about their hiring tomorrow so you still have to watch out for that. (How lucky can I be today?)

Since we were in Manila, I thought of going back to Agno (DLSU-M) and catch up with some things and maybe see what ‘malabo‘ is up to. But I remembered I have to get my certificate from Heart Center and so my friend and I split up from there.

This was the first time I’ve accomplished 4 things in one go. Usually I’ll go out and come back home bum myself out. Maybe in the future I need to be this more assertive than I have ever been (or have I?). LOL!

Now I’ve missed working out yesterday (my body was aching and the only time I’ve went out of bed was when I went to church with my dad) and today (for having a very long day)

Anyway, tell you again some stories of my misadventures!

P.S. My day isn’t done yet. I am still going to fetch my mom from the airport and I don’t exactly know how to get there, so good luck for me!