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Yes, I’m back and am alive. I haven’t been busy lately but I have discovered a lot of things.

First up, F1. 2009 season is over, Jenson Button is the World Champion and Brawn, Mercedes is the Constructors Champion. Congratulations to them. Next year will be another exciting year after the post season dramas and upcoming news around the F1 Championships. New teams were installed and 2 other teams were replaced. A lot of new drivers and driver switches. The most controversial will be McLaren for having 2 world champion drivers in their team. That would be a match-up to look forward to.

Movies, I know that movies are best seen in the big screen but sometimes if I’m just after the story, why bother paying a lot of cash and bother myself lining up with all the crowds in the movie house when I can just sit and relax at home and download them? I only choose which movies I’d watch in the movie houses and which ones I would download. Well anyway, these are just my rants about them.

New Moon. I have watched the movie in the big screen with some friends and yes, it was for free, since I wouldn’t normally watch those kind of films. It was disappointing for a lot of things and I am not writing this to criticize the movie. I just want to share my experience since after watching it, I felt that every man in the mall were running around half-naked and flaunting their bodies. LOL!

In my free time nowadays, anyway I’ve got a lot of it, I have been reading past books of Paulo Coelho. The first book that I read was ‘The Devil and Miss Prym’. The title and synopsis got me so curious that I bought the book right away and read it all day. It was good and somehow it is the only book that is different from the rest. I mean it doesn’t seem to talk much about witchcraft, angels and those stuffs. It just wanted to know if people are good or evil in nature.

I haven’t been influenced by his books yet but I am just amazed asking myself why he would be so into those witchcrafts, angels, and heavenly stuffs. Yet they are so moving and I have been thinking ‘what if’ I also go into those. I wouldn’t see myself doing those things in the future but ‘what if’? I have yet to read his latest book since I’ve got no money and hopefully someone will get it for me this Christmas and I would love that person so much. (Now I am wondering, what does my angel look like.)

Before I used to tell myself that I would not be seeing myself lifting heavy weights inside a gym, but now I am. I got into this gym stuff because I got so heavy after coming back from my trip to USA. It is my 11th month trying to lose all the fats in my body. I am back to my ideal weight but now I’m, not obsessed, but keen to see myself at least looking lean and not flabby to look at.

I have stopped for a while, maybe for 2 weeks because of my tonsillitis. I can still work out to fight my sickness but I can’t concentrate because of the continuous coughs I create, and it is embarrassing me.

Animation, animes and manga. I am still currently watching Bleach anime because of the good fillers they are currently showing. Other than that, I have basically been outdated with all the latest ones coming. But I have been reading good chapters of mangas namely Bleach, Naruto, Reborn!, Code Breaker, and Freezing. Good stuffs there.

These folks are just some of the things that have been keeping be busy in my boring life. Stay tuned for more boring actions and insights.

Next up, Christmas and New Year, and I know it will all be the same as the other holidays I’ve had. Happy Holidays to you all!

PS: My friend has a gig! Congrats. For all you guys living in the metro, Philippines, catch him live at Seafood Island, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City at 8 pm onwards. =D


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I was just chatting with a friend and we were trying to plan another EB with the co-moderators of http://www.dotastrategy.com. So we planned a quick YM conference and the other one was trying to ask for advice from me because he was feeling nauseous and actually vomitted.

If you have the will to read what transcribed in the last part of our conference, I was quite serious about helping the guy and the other one was just blurting out non-sense. Anyway, I was just LMAO’ing while chatting with them…

ketsu_krosan (11:39:03 PM): how to remove air in the stomach? could that help?
quasron (11:39:19 PM): fart?!
ketsu_krosan (11:39:23 PM): good morning sleep?
ketsu_krosan (11:39:30 PM): i dunno how to force fart
quasron (11:39:45 PM): it won’t be a good night sleep since it will be morning in a few mins
ketsu_krosan (11:39:49 PM): punches might work
ketsu_krosan (11:39:51 PM): oh lawd
quasron (11:39:58 PM): don’t force fart…
quasron (11:40:00 PM): hmm…
quasron (11:40:18 PM): what time did you last eat
quasron (11:40:19 PM): ?
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:29 PM): burp
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:31 PM): force burp
ketsu_krosan (11:40:43 PM): about 7
quasron (11:41:02 PM): hmm… it should be gone by now…
ketsu_krosan (11:41:12 PM): what?
quasron (11:41:13 PM): don’t you feel like pooping?
ketsu_krosan (11:41:32 PM): i did around 8
quasron (11:41:43 PM): wtf…
quasron (11:41:53 PM): now i don’t know what’s happening to you
ketsu_krosan (11:42:00 PM): wel shi-
quasron (11:42:01 PM): still feel nauseous?
ketsu_krosan (11:42:22 PM): it’s like there’s something in my stomach i want to get out
quasron (11:42:41 PM): i mean still feel almost vomiting?
batangmalaboangmata (11:42:44 PM): PREGGERS
quasron (11:42:52 PM): LOL rj
ketsu_krosan (11:42:59 PM): darn
ketsu_krosan (11:43:33 PM): i’m almost tapping out
ketsu_krosan (11:43:38 PM): should i go to sleep?
quasron (11:43:48 PM): if you can…
quasron (11:44:10 PM): try sleeping with pillows under you… just not flat on bed…
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:23 PM): lol
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:31 PM): so 
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:37 PM): what time sa sat?
quasron (11:44:44 PM): after lunch na
ketsu_krosan (11:44:46 PM): i sleep sideways
quasron (11:44:58 PM): won’t help marx
ketsu_krosan (11:45:07 PM): after lunch but tell drew not to eat lunch yet
ketsu_krosan (11:45:09 PM): awts
quasron (11:45:16 PM): lol
ketsu_krosan (11:45:34 PM): bye guys
quasron (11:45:41 PM): sleep inclined
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:44 PM): k, plan tomorrow
quasron (11:45:48 PM): kk
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:52 PM): tell us if it’s a girl

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Another survey from social networks…

Rules: it’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Ronie
2. A four Letter Word: rile
3. A boy’s Name: Roland
4. A girl’s Name: Raine
5. An occupation: radiologist
6. A color: rogue
7. Something you wear: ring
8. A food: raspberry
9. Something found in a bathroom: robe
10. A place: riverside
11. A reason for being late: rush hour traffic
12. Something you shout: run!
13. A movie title: Rambo
14. Something you drink: Red Bull
15. A musical group: R.E.M.
16. An animal: rabbit, rat, rhinoceros
17. A street name: Road 20 =P
18. A type of car: Rolls-Royce
19. A song title: Run
20. A verb: run

Too tired so you’ll just see a lot of words repeated and they just kept RUNNING through my mind. LOL!

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