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If there’s one word to describe Formula1 this series, DRAMA, as always.

First up, the McLaren Mercedes lie tailgate at the start of the season. I am a McLaren F1 team fan when Ron Dennis was still the team principal. He was I think the most consistent and the best strategist as far as I’ve seen them race. But after resigning from the team, McLaren took a downfall. Well at least for the season and I know that they starting from scratch with the new regulations and new team to work with.

As for the drivers, after Mika Hakkinen retired, Kimi Raikkonen was there to replace him as my next favorite driver and I was really happy when he won the driver’s championship 2 years back. Ferrari struggled at the start of this season because of the double diffuser and other chassis regulation disputes. But they and the other teams are catching up right now. Specially Redbull’s Sebastian Vettel who is so called the next generation ‘Michael Schumacher’.

As of this season, Jenson Button is the leader with a pretty nice margin in the championship points. I know that Jenson is a good driver when the team was still owned by Honda, because he was the one who shone when there were only 2 or 3 teams racing for championships and everyone else was behind the pack. I really thought before that he is also one of the drivers that can be a contender or better, a world champion one day. He is really lucky that he have a championship car and a good team boss today. I’d say good luck to him and for the rest of the team.

Who will win the championship? Based from the last 2 seasons, this season is pretty much the same Vettel can be Jenson’s closest contender aside from his team mate Rubens Barichello. They will have a mano-a-mano race fight until the last 2-3 races when they can predict the world champion.

Next is the ‘breakaway’ series. But I really doubt that there would be a one because Max Mosley (FIA President), will go down and I know that as a businessman, he don’t want to see his pay go down or worse, lose a job. And I doubt that FOTA can organize a Formula1-like championship series in a span of less than a year. That is why they had a compromised agreement and now all teams this season and 3 new teams will be competing in the 2010 Formula1 championship. That would be a great season to watch and I have never seen F1 grid filled with 26 cars since the first time I’ve watched it.

The entry list for 2010 are as follows: (quoted from f1.gpupdate.net)

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (Ferrari-engines)
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (Mercedes-engines)
BMW Sauber F1 Team (BMW-engines)
Renault F1 Team (Renault-engines)
Panasonic Toyota Racing (Toyota-engines)
Scuderia Toro Rosso (engines tba)
Red Bull Racing (engines tba)
AT&T Williams (Toyota-engines)
Force India F1 Team (Mercedes-engines)
Brawn GP Formula One Team (engines tba)
Campos Meta Team (Cosworth-engines)
Manor Grand Prix (Cosworth-engines)
Team US F1 (Cosworth-engines)

KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System (if you want to read more about it, try googleing it out, even I can’t really understand the technical aspects of it), in easier terms, when an F1 car breaks, it regenerates/recovers energy and when it is filled up, the driver pushes a button and yielding additional 80 horsepower for 6.6 seconds. In simpler terms it is like a ‘rechargeable booster’. But it weighs about 30-40 kg or about half of an F1 driver’s weight. The added bulk gives the team a harder time getting the balance of the car, furthermore drivers has to lose more weight, because of weight limit issues with the car, which is not good when driving an F1 car. Other safety issues about KERS were brought up.

At the start of the season, at least 5 teams continue to develop their cars using KERS. But as of the last race in Silverstone, only Ferrari uses KERS. Everyone else abandoned the system and shifts their focus in developing the aerodynamics of their cars. FOTA has agreed not to use KERS for the 2010 season despite the regulations made by FIA for next season. We will still see as this KERS drama unfolds. Will Ferrari still continue to develop their car with KERS in it? Will the FIA still pursue developing KERS, or will it be another dispute with FOTA opting to boycott KERS?

This season also said goodbye to 2 of the historical circuits from the ‘F1 circus’, Hockenheim and Silverstone. But we will see new circuits as F1 goes.

All is well that ends well. We saw a very exciting last 2 seasons from F1, and I know that this season will be as exciting and so is the next one. What more can I say, let’s just sit back and enjoy more F1 dramas as they unfold.


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