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I’m quite back! Quite? I don’t really know when I’ll make another post like this one, but hopefully more to follow… anyway…

Excite – [verb] arouse or elicit a feeling; [verb] act as a stimulant; [verb] stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of… and many more definition and interpretation.


My life within a year hasn’t been more exciting as what I’ve expected it to be… Lots of people I’ve seen and met and all have been an inspiration to me and meaningful (good or bad)… More good experience than bad, It’s been an exciting ride this past year and I have grown for the better and still growing and learning the world at a really slow and late pace. (too bad for me). All’s well that ends well.

I’ve learned my lessons, and the best lesson learned: “Remember what other people will tell you (good or bad), and you’ll know how to deal with them later.”


Life in a year for me has been exciting, and lots of excitement behind that. Readers will just get bored if I list them out all.

Learnings, I get to learn more academically and grateful to my mentors and then happy with sharing what I’ve learned and experience.

Experience just tops it all and helping others has been (a passion?) great. Specially if you love what you’re doing.

Road trips, I’ve been to a lot of places and I don’t know how it happened. Thanks to all those who helped and more thanks to my mom who supported me with all nonsense, foolishness, and insanity I’ve done.

Food trips, I’ve eaten a lot and now I’m painstakingly and creeping to fit into one of my pants… damn, eating has just been my passion. Hopefully I’m still as fit as I was years back.

Lesson learned: “Treasure the memories of the past, Live the present like there’s no tomorrow, and let tomorrow be a mystery you’ll never know.”


The years ahead is still going for me and I’m happy with where I am now and a lot of hope with where I can and will be. Painstakingly waiting for a lot of opportunities for me and hopefully it won’t be too late for me. So much for my lazy bones.

I’m still excited to what’s in store for me but as I’ve learned, I’ll just let tomorrow be blank and today, must watch The Avengers!

I just wish to thank all those people who had been around me and I’m really grateful to all the experiences I had with them.

Lesson or rather food for thought: “Learn to work hard, and play harder. Chill, relax, and enjoy life. It will be fun, they said!”


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I was just chatting with a friend and we were trying to plan another EB with the co-moderators of http://www.dotastrategy.com. So we planned a quick YM conference and the other one was trying to ask for advice from me because he was feeling nauseous and actually vomitted.

If you have the will to read what transcribed in the last part of our conference, I was quite serious about helping the guy and the other one was just blurting out non-sense. Anyway, I was just LMAO’ing while chatting with them…

ketsu_krosan (11:39:03 PM): how to remove air in the stomach? could that help?
quasron (11:39:19 PM): fart?!
ketsu_krosan (11:39:23 PM): good morning sleep?
ketsu_krosan (11:39:30 PM): i dunno how to force fart
quasron (11:39:45 PM): it won’t be a good night sleep since it will be morning in a few mins
ketsu_krosan (11:39:49 PM): punches might work
ketsu_krosan (11:39:51 PM): oh lawd
quasron (11:39:58 PM): don’t force fart…
quasron (11:40:00 PM): hmm…
quasron (11:40:18 PM): what time did you last eat
quasron (11:40:19 PM): ?
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:29 PM): burp
batangmalaboangmata (11:40:31 PM): force burp
ketsu_krosan (11:40:43 PM): about 7
quasron (11:41:02 PM): hmm… it should be gone by now…
ketsu_krosan (11:41:12 PM): what?
quasron (11:41:13 PM): don’t you feel like pooping?
ketsu_krosan (11:41:32 PM): i did around 8
quasron (11:41:43 PM): wtf…
quasron (11:41:53 PM): now i don’t know what’s happening to you
ketsu_krosan (11:42:00 PM): wel shi-
quasron (11:42:01 PM): still feel nauseous?
ketsu_krosan (11:42:22 PM): it’s like there’s something in my stomach i want to get out
quasron (11:42:41 PM): i mean still feel almost vomiting?
batangmalaboangmata (11:42:44 PM): PREGGERS
quasron (11:42:52 PM): LOL rj
ketsu_krosan (11:42:59 PM): darn
ketsu_krosan (11:43:33 PM): i’m almost tapping out
ketsu_krosan (11:43:38 PM): should i go to sleep?
quasron (11:43:48 PM): if you can…
quasron (11:44:10 PM): try sleeping with pillows under you… just not flat on bed…
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:23 PM): lol
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:31 PM): so 
batangmalaboangmata (11:44:37 PM): what time sa sat?
quasron (11:44:44 PM): after lunch na
ketsu_krosan (11:44:46 PM): i sleep sideways
quasron (11:44:58 PM): won’t help marx
ketsu_krosan (11:45:07 PM): after lunch but tell drew not to eat lunch yet
ketsu_krosan (11:45:09 PM): awts
quasron (11:45:16 PM): lol
ketsu_krosan (11:45:34 PM): bye guys
quasron (11:45:41 PM): sleep inclined
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:44 PM): k, plan tomorrow
quasron (11:45:48 PM): kk
batangmalaboangmata (11:45:52 PM): tell us if it’s a girl

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coffee or me?

Earlier while having a review class, (yes we had a class on a Sunday) all of us thought of having a coffee break or something because we were shivering in coldness of the room.

After finding a stall that sells coffee, the gay guy approached me and asked:

gay: What do you want, coffee or me?
me: Uhmm, mukhang mas masarap tubig.

LOL! But in the end, we just enjoyed our coffee and off to review class again

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