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I was there again in a coffee shop trying to study. When I got there, I first sat across the corner and there were a bunch of people at the other corner across the coffee shop, they were literally shouting at each other and you can hear what they are talking. Can’t they talk in normal voices like all other people do? Thank God they were gone soon.

Anyway, after an hour, there were two people sat two tables beside me and at least they were talking normally and not as disturbing as the last one. One was presenting something and the other was the one interviewing or asking questions to the presentor.

The interviewer suddenly asks a question. “How will you know what other people don’t know of or how will you know what others want to know?” the presentor answered “Hmm, It’s like knowing the unknown…”. 

I got really curious about this one and hopefully someone can give me a close or logical answer to that question.


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