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I’m quite back! Quite? I don’t really know when I’ll make another post like this one, but hopefully more to follow… anyway…

Excite – [verb] arouse or elicit a feeling; [verb] act as a stimulant; [verb] stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of… and many more definition and interpretation.


My life within a year hasn’t been more exciting as what I’ve expected it to be… Lots of people I’ve seen and met and all have been an inspiration to me and meaningful (good or bad)… More good experience than bad, It’s been an exciting ride this past year and I have grown for the better and still growing and learning the world at a really slow and late pace. (too bad for me). All’s well that ends well.

I’ve learned my lessons, and the best lesson learned: “Remember what other people will tell you (good or bad), and you’ll know how to deal with them later.”


Life in a year for me has been exciting, and lots of excitement behind that. Readers will just get bored if I list them out all.

Learnings, I get to learn more academically and grateful to my mentors and then happy with sharing what I’ve learned and experience.

Experience just tops it all and helping others has been (a passion?) great. Specially if you love what you’re doing.

Road trips, I’ve been to a lot of places and I don’t know how it happened. Thanks to all those who helped and more thanks to my mom who supported me with all nonsense, foolishness, and insanity I’ve done.

Food trips, I’ve eaten a lot and now I’m painstakingly and creeping to fit into one of my pants… damn, eating has just been my passion. Hopefully I’m still as fit as I was years back.

Lesson learned: “Treasure the memories of the past, Live the present like there’s no tomorrow, and let tomorrow be a mystery you’ll never know.”


The years ahead is still going for me and I’m happy with where I am now and a lot of hope with where I can and will be. Painstakingly waiting for a lot of opportunities for me and hopefully it won’t be too late for me. So much for my lazy bones.

I’m still excited to what’s in store for me but as I’ve learned, I’ll just let tomorrow be blank and today, must watch The Avengers!

I just wish to thank all those people who had been around me and I’m really grateful to all the experiences I had with them.

Lesson or rather food for thought: “Learn to work hard, and play harder. Chill, relax, and enjoy life. It will be fun, they said!”


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*woot* (with a big eyes and a big smile) Another plurk expression craze for me today. I came home this morning from somewhere and saw a mailman inserted a letter on our gate. As I came closer to the letter to get it, you can see a big smile on my face.

Why? It was a small envelope letter with a big DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) on the upper left portion.

What does it mean? The last time I got a letter from them, they sent me a big bulky letter and the message inside told me that I failed my exam. This time, I was certain that I got the right letter. Yes folk finally, I passed my NCLEX-RN exam. *woot*

I thought of trying to catch the mailman and give him a big hug for sending the letter. Oh man, was I really relieved. Well, at least for today and maybe until the weekend.

I also got good news from a couple of review mates from before and they also passed the exams. Now I’m still waiting for the results of the other mates. Congratulations to all of us and good luck to those who are still waiting for the results and to those who will be taking the exam! I know you can also make it. GOD IS GOOD!

I am still a bum and still looking for something to do. I don’t know, a job? Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Where shall I go now? Oh man.

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I am with a friend today and went out with her to renew our NBI clearance, PNA membership, and pass a resume.

We decided to go with our NBI clearance first and we met up in SM Megamall. We were surprised because their kiosk is at the lower ground floor and the line for the first step (paying)  ends at the 3rd level of the mall going down the stair. As frustrated as it can be, we were luck enough, there was a lady who is in line, just 20 people behind the counter, called us and made us cut through the line then she just left. So there we are, surprised and happy that we had our NBI clearance renewed in 15 minutes instead of waiting for 30-40 minutes.

Why and what happened to the lady who gave up her space for us to cut in? We really don’t know why and whatever her reasons are. I’m even surprised until now how it happened, we are just sad that we haven’t even thanked her.

After the renewal, we went to St. Lukes hospital to apply and pass our resume. We were there around lunch time. I asked the guard who is collecting all the resume what the requirements are in Filipino/Tagalog, then this is how it went…

Me: Manong resume lang po ba kailangan?

Guard: Just leave your resume with me and in due time the staffs in the HR will be calling you.

*brief silence*

Me:  Uhh, thanks sir!

Man, during the brief silence my friend and I were looking at each other a bit surprised. So we were in-and-out of that building.

We went to Manila to get our new membership at the PNA building. At least I was with someone who knows the building or else I will be lost in time and place again even though I’ve lived in Malate area for two years. LOL! Seemed like we were robbed because we have to pay a hundred more that the membership fee from last year. (perks of having a lot of requirements)

While we were in line for the payment of our membership, I got a text message from an HR in UK based in the Philippines. They said I was one of the ‘chosen one’ for hiring and work in UK. I am still to confirm and ask for more information about their hiring tomorrow so you still have to watch out for that. (How lucky can I be today?)

Since we were in Manila, I thought of going back to Agno (DLSU-M) and catch up with some things and maybe see what ‘malabo‘ is up to. But I remembered I have to get my certificate from Heart Center and so my friend and I split up from there.

This was the first time I’ve accomplished 4 things in one go. Usually I’ll go out and come back home bum myself out. Maybe in the future I need to be this more assertive than I have ever been (or have I?). LOL!

Now I’ve missed working out yesterday (my body was aching and the only time I’ve went out of bed was when I went to church with my dad) and today (for having a very long day)

Anyway, tell you again some stories of my misadventures!

P.S. My day isn’t done yet. I am still going to fetch my mom from the airport and I don’t exactly know how to get there, so good luck for me!

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new in US

I’m new here in the states and I didn’t expect too much until I’ve seen enough.

This is how I look like while waiting for my cousin in the LA airport.

Yeah, I had a major jet lag and almost had a migraine. My first few days here was nothing but sickness of all kind. From running nose to barking cough to a low grade fever (in Filipino terms trangkaso) but at least nothing serious.

My first day, we went to hear mass first then went out for lunch at Verona Casino. Yep, my first time in a casino. The food there is heavenly. As my friends told me, you’ll get sick of eating here in the states. Then they drove me around and looked at some places here.

Last week we went to La Jolla Beach still in San Diego this place is heavenly romantic and breath-taking, well at least for me. We went to go seal watching and walk along the beach. We were also planning to go rent a boat or jet ski and go but not now maybe later. I bet it’ll be a lot of fun!

In this La Jolla you can see a lot of sites and food strips where I bet there are good foods there. But we didn’t eat there instead we went back to the mall and have dinner there.

Nothing much to report in for now. maybe after sometime.


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Right after my sister’s wedding, I was invited by her close friends to join them in their night out. Of course, I couldn’t resist because I hadn’t been in a night out for a long time and this was the first time I’ll be going out with them since ages and without my sister, since she’s having a fun time with her husband, my brother-in-law, in their honeymoon. Her friends were just as sad as I am and can I assume that they feel feeling unease missing her in their gimmick.

Anyway, I hitched with one of them since I can’t bring the car. And good thing they were with me since where we were going was pretty much a home-turf for me, on Maginhawa Street. We got to the street easily but didn’t find the resto-bar easily since it was on the further part of the street. We were looking for “Pino Resto-bar” while driving down the road. I saw a huge sine with ‘PINO’ on it but I didn’t notice the other letters on it. So it says ‘ALPINO’ and the funnier thing is, it is a laundry shop. LOL!

So we arrived in the place just on time but earlier than the others. There we met their other friends and friend of friends, had a lot of chat, fun and laughter, and of course booze! There was a guy who was telling all the funny stories and getting the party going. I was just there joining and hitting a little with their craziness. A no-holds-barred “laglagan at asaran” but of couse everything is all good since they are really close and they had always been that way (as I know and hope so).

All said and done, I just hope to see you all again soon and I hope my sister will be able to come too. After Karen had told me all her plans, I’m just sad to say that I can’t be there in time but for now, CHEERS FOR MY SISTER! 😀

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first day: kasalanan ni fish ang lahat!

ito ang mahiwagang isda na may agimat sa noo at kinatakutan ng lahat. lahat ng mga nangyari sa davao ay kasalanan ng isdang ito. itatago natin siya sa pangalang “FISH”.

this is how mesmerized we were:

(from left of middle picture: punsai, claire, gp, ronie, nas)

kasalanan ni FISH kung bakit masyado kaming magulo at parang mga walang alam sa davao!

rants in davao: hindi pwedeng magsik-sik ng 4 na tao sa likod ng isang cab and there were 5 of us so we alway have to rent 2 cabs. sheez, another waste of money.

Paradise Resort: tama ba naman maghintay ng 45 minuites para lang makakain? sinabihan ni FISH sigurado yung mga crew na bagalan ang service sa amin para daw magutom kami lalo! wah! hindi na tama to!

parang mga basang sisiw ang mga batang walang magawa kundi magtampisaw sa tubig, magpagulong-gulong sa buhangin at sumakay ng bangka na nagpapangalay ng kili-kili. si FISH ang may pakana noon!

sa bahay: pagkagaling sa beach derecho tulog ang lahat…

at si FISH ang may pakana kung pano kami nagkasya sa isang maliit na kama at may orchestra pa ng pag-hihilik. (sayang walang documentation ng ‘sagutan’). at least may pahinga para sa isang madugong labanan.

pero bago makatulog may nakita ang magkakaibigan ng isang alphabet chart na malamang si FISH ang may gawa. hindi ba dapat naiintindihan ng mga bata ang mga nakalagay sa alphabet chart dahil ito ay ginawa para matuto sila? tama bang maglagay ka ng mga ganito:

letter i: “ice skating”
letter x: “xerox machine”

kami naman, nag-usap na lang at nagcomment na dapat madadaling words lang ang nandun.

punsai: magbigay ka pa nga ng words starting with ‘x’
ronie: (with a serious face and tone) zebra!
punsai: ano? letter x, zebra? spell zebra!
ronie: haha! oo nga no, nasapian nanaman yata ako ni FISH!

Jack’s Ridge: first time in davao? this is the place to be. jack’s ridge is on a hilltop overlooking the city of davao. this is how we looked like when we got there:

and for some reason, ito lang ang napuntahan naming lugar na masama ang loob namin.

nas: nakita na natin ang davao, tara na uwi na tayo!
ronie: oo nga, namangha na ko, pwede na kong umuwi’t matulog.
nas: teka kelangan nating matikman ang beer dito!
ronie: oo nga pala, sige tara iinom na lang natin tong sama ng loob natin!

and for some reason, iba nga ang lasa ng beer sa davao! mas refreshing! hmm, nilanguyan kaya ni FISH ang brewery sa davao?

punsai’s day ended well in jack’s ridge because we saw a jack sparrow look-a-like.

second day: umiiyak si FISH kaya umulan! at least hindi ito naging hadlang para gumala kami!

Crocodile Park: bakit walang crocs™? at least nakilala namin si Pangil at ito siya:

isang buwayang pagkalaki-laki at pagkadungis-dungis. tahimik ang mga hayop dito kasi umaambon, malamig. ewan ko kung may koneksyon yun sa kinikilos nila basta tahimik silang lahat!

Riverwalk Grille: this made my day because i was introduced to a very distinguished person/s and they are Titing/Welly (titing welly for me). who are they? even i don’t know! but here is how you can contact them in davao:

Japanese Tunnel: the best way to waste 50 pesos and 100+ pesos cab fare. you’ll only get to see around 20-30 meters of the tunnel and some weird looking japanese statues inside. oh well enough said.

nas: magpa-anod ka ng singkwenta pesos sa ilog parang ganun din ang feeling nung pumasok tayo.

Matina Town Square: where we met up with punsai’s friend, sweet and we again drunk there and got blown away by the taste of their beer! kahit naman pareho lang brand nila dito sa manila. hay. anyways, the feel in the town square is that of eastwood here in manila, well at least. with live bands playing left and right and resto-bars all around. it was a great final night for all of us.

saan ka pa nakitang gumigimik na madaming dalang plastic ng suha?! haha! kasi naman nagshopping muna ng pasalubong tapos derecho ng gimik. kamusta naman mga itsura namin?

going back to manila: we had a last-minute shopping of pasalubong for us and last breakfast buffet blast. we almost ran out of time catching our plane because of FISH! we took some pictures and danced the caramel dance for FISH! at least we checked-in in time and went home safe.

see you again soon, FISH!

nas, claire, punsai, gp… thanks for the great weekend get-away!

at higit sa lahat salamat sa aking nanay na pilit ko pang niluhuran para may pang sponsor! hahaha!

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wa! gusto ko na ulit bumalik sa pampanga at matikman ang sinigang sa bayas ng mommy mo tj!

sarap pa din ng authentic sisig pampanga! lasang lasa ang mga cholesterol!


anyway, vodka > gin

no headache, no hangover, just pure kick! LOL!


mahirap ba akong unawain?! masarap lang naman kumain kaya lumolobo nanaman ako!

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