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Another round is done and another driver is crowned. Spanish grand prix was as exciting as the other F1 championship GP. Pastor Maldonado deserved his maiden championship win. Fernando Alonso made a run late in the race but can’t really catch up with Maldonado due to tire wear problem.

Kimi Raikkonen and the Lotus team had a really good pace but can’t catch up since the first laps. I really want him to win another championship and hopefully bring home another F1 crown.

Next round will be the ever famous street track of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Too bad for me, I won’t be able to see it live on screen but hopefully i’ll get updates online.


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I’m quite back! Quite? I don’t really know when I’ll make another post like this one, but hopefully more to follow… anyway…

Excite – [verb] arouse or elicit a feeling; [verb] act as a stimulant; [verb] stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of… and many more definition and interpretation.


My life within a year hasn’t been more exciting as what I’ve expected it to be… Lots of people I’ve seen and met and all have been an inspiration to me and meaningful (good or bad)… More good experience than bad, It’s been an exciting ride this past year and I have grown for the better and still growing and learning the world at a really slow and late pace. (too bad for me). All’s well that ends well.

I’ve learned my lessons, and the best lesson learned: “Remember what other people will tell you (good or bad), and you’ll know how to deal with them later.”


Life in a year for me has been exciting, and lots of excitement behind that. Readers will just get bored if I list them out all.

Learnings, I get to learn more academically and grateful to my mentors and then happy with sharing what I’ve learned and experience.

Experience just tops it all and helping others has been (a passion?) great. Specially if you love what you’re doing.

Road trips, I’ve been to a lot of places and I don’t know how it happened. Thanks to all those who helped and more thanks to my mom who supported me with all nonsense, foolishness, and insanity I’ve done.

Food trips, I’ve eaten a lot and now I’m painstakingly and creeping to fit into one of my pants… damn, eating has just been my passion. Hopefully I’m still as fit as I was years back.

Lesson learned: “Treasure the memories of the past, Live the present like there’s no tomorrow, and let tomorrow be a mystery you’ll never know.”


The years ahead is still going for me and I’m happy with where I am now and a lot of hope with where I can and will be. Painstakingly waiting for a lot of opportunities for me and hopefully it won’t be too late for me. So much for my lazy bones.

I’m still excited to what’s in store for me but as I’ve learned, I’ll just let tomorrow be blank and today, must watch The Avengers!

I just wish to thank all those people who had been around me and I’m really grateful to all the experiences I had with them.

Lesson or rather food for thought: “Learn to work hard, and play harder. Chill, relax, and enjoy life. It will be fun, they said!”

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New year, new stuffs to bum around… and yeah, I’m back!! 😛

I am currently having my Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B) course here in the Philippines. Where? It’s fun and exciting because the program I enrolled focuses on ambulance training and operations and patient assessment, which is the basic role of an EMT-B’s in a pre-hospital setting. I’ve learned a lot and I’m glad I’ve enrolled here. I get to see so many new faces rather than sitting here in front of my computer and doing nothing.

What I missed most is having our OJT. Making runs and most of all, cleaning the ambulance. LOL!

If you want to know more about the course, write a comment and i’ll send you an e-mail. Remember, this is in Quezon City, Philippines. 😀

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I nearly forgot that I have this blog site with me… oh well, nothing’s new has been happening to me recently.

I just want to share a line from Paulo Coelho’s book Eleven Minutes.

…I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I realize that I didn’t go into that café by chance; really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.

As others would translate it:

“There are no chances… everything has a purpose…”

Really now?

It’s for you to know and for me to find out.

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*woot* (with a big eyes and a big smile) Another plurk expression craze for me today. I came home this morning from somewhere and saw a mailman inserted a letter on our gate. As I came closer to the letter to get it, you can see a big smile on my face.

Why? It was a small envelope letter with a big DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) on the upper left portion.

What does it mean? The last time I got a letter from them, they sent me a big bulky letter and the message inside told me that I failed my exam. This time, I was certain that I got the right letter. Yes folk finally, I passed my NCLEX-RN exam. *woot*

I thought of trying to catch the mailman and give him a big hug for sending the letter. Oh man, was I really relieved. Well, at least for today and maybe until the weekend.

I also got good news from a couple of review mates from before and they also passed the exams. Now I’m still waiting for the results of the other mates. Congratulations to all of us and good luck to those who are still waiting for the results and to those who will be taking the exam! I know you can also make it. GOD IS GOOD!

I am still a bum and still looking for something to do. I don’t know, a job? Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Where shall I go now? Oh man.

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I was there again in a coffee shop trying to study. When I got there, I first sat across the corner and there were a bunch of people at the other corner across the coffee shop, they were literally shouting at each other and you can hear what they are talking. Can’t they talk in normal voices like all other people do? Thank God they were gone soon.

Anyway, after an hour, there were two people sat two tables beside me and at least they were talking normally and not as disturbing as the last one. One was presenting something and the other was the one interviewing or asking questions to the presentor.

The interviewer suddenly asks a question. “How will you know what other people don’t know of or how will you know what others want to know?” the presentor answered “Hmm, It’s like knowing the unknown…”. 

I got really curious about this one and hopefully someone can give me a close or logical answer to that question.

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Finally after 9 months of my sister’s labor, here comes my nephew.

Born February 17, 2009 and at 7.1 lbs, here is baby boy, Miguel Antonio Aquino Miranda, a.k.a. Migo!


migo“What are you looking at?”

I just love this photo of him.

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